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At Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry, we’re committed to providing personalized dentistry to ensure your and your family’s smiles are healthy.

Less Dentistry is the Best Dentistry
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We’re a dental practice in Federal Way devoted to providing conservative and comfortable solutions to bring out the best of anyone’s smile. With preventative and general dentistry, we use high-quality techniques and technologies to help catch small problems before they become more prominent (and expensive!) issues.

It’s our goal to ensure you can keep your natural smile for life. We offer the following general dentistry services at Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry:

Our Preventive & General Dentistry Services

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Dental Exams
When you come visit us for a regular checkup, you’ll receive a comprehensive exam and professional cleaning.

During the exam, we’ll discuss any questions you have, your dental history, and any immediate concerns. We’ll gather information to learn about your oral and overall health to determine a personalized treatment plan. This exam could include:

  • Digital x-rays
  • Visual oral examination
  • Periodontal charting to check your gum condition
  • Oral cancer screening

Then, one of our friendly hygienists will perform a gentle, thorough cleaning to get rid of any plaque and tartar on your teeth.

Hygiene and Cleaning
Even if you’re a great brusher and flosser, you’re probably missing a few spots you don’t even realize. These missed spots can lead to tooth decay, staining, pesky plaque buildup, and even serious disease.

By scheduling regular professional dental cleanings in Federal Way, WA, our team at Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry can help you maintain and even improve your smile!

Scaling & Root Planing
It’s crucial to maintain regular visits to the dentist to ensure you’re free from gum disease and tooth decay. If our team is noticing signs of gum disease, you may need to undergo scaling and root planing (periodontal maintenance). Studies have shown gum disease is connected with your overall health, which means you’re increasing your chances of serious health risks (heart disease, preterm birth, diabetes, etc.) if you have gum disease. Signs of gum disease include:

  • Red, bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Receding gum line

Our team can help with scaling and root planing or a deep cleaning. You may need to be seen more frequently than the regular interval of six months to help maintain gum disease from progressing. Together, we’ll come up with a plan to stop gum disease from worsening, and you can enjoy your smile free from disease.

Oral Cancer Screenings
Oral cancer claims many lives each year, and it can be stopped when caught at its early stages. That’s why Dr. Einowski will conduct an oral cancer screening at every routine visit you come to Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry. We’ll look for early signs of oral cancer in the mouth, throat, tongue, and tonsils and we’ll discuss appropriate actions if needed.
Sealants are used to prevent tooth decay. They are thin, tooth-colored coatings painted on the grooves of your teeth (especially for the back molars). They are vital to place because the natural grooves are havens for trapped food, which cause harmful bacteria over time. They are difficult to clean with brushing and flossing, so sealants seal those natural grooves and prevent any bacteria from harming your smile.
Periodontal Therapy
Have you noticed signs of gum disease, neglected regular dental cleanings and exams, or has your brushing and flossing been subpar through the years? Progressive gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease affects millions of people, and the earlier it’s diagnosed, the less invasive and costly the treatment.

Our periodontal therapy in Federal Way, WA can safely remove bacteria that cause gum disease and treat periodontitis. If left untreated, gum disease can cause serious problems like increased risk of harmful bacteria in the bloodstream, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

‘‘I always have a great experience when visiting Dr. Einowski and his team. All of the staff are friendly, accommodating and efficient. It's very obvious that everyone enjoys their work and their patients.’’

Christina B., Actual Patient

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