Metal-Free Fillings

Protect your smile without unsightly metal.

What Are Metal-Free Fillings?

The smartest, safest option for restoring your smile.
Digital representation of a metal-free filling next to a traditional filling

Do you have a cavity or a damaged tooth? Or maybe you have a traditional metal filling that needs to be replaced.

This is your sign to choose metal-free fillings!

At Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored fillings which will:

  • Restore your confidence and comfort
  • Preserve healthy tooth structure
  • Protect your tooth from further damage and infection
  • Blends with your smile

Plus, our Solea dental laser allows us to perform fillings without anesthesia- meaning no needles or numbing! We can complete your filling in a quarter of the time than with traditional techniques.

Gorgeous Results:

These fillings are made of composite resin that can match your natural tooth color- no embarrassing metal to hide! They also allow us to conserve more of your natural tooth than silver fillings. The more natural tooth structure we can help you save, the better off your teeth will be in the future.


Metal-free fillings strengthen your teeth. The composite resin bonds to the tooth, adding a layer of protection over weakened areas.

Less Sensitive:

Silver fillings are notorious for being very sensitive to hot and cold. Metal-free fillings are much less temperamental. This means you can eat with ease!

Dental Procedures Made Easier

We’re passionate about serving you.
Dr. Jonathan Einowski and our dental staff

Dr. Jonathon Einowski and our wonderful staff are determined to provide you with high-quality treatment. We strive to make you comfortable from the moment you reach out!

We genuinely care about improving your well-being and want to give you a healthy smile you’ll love.

Here’s how Federal Way stands out from other dental offices:


During your consultation, Dr. Einowski will address any concerns you may have, examine your teeth, and partner with you to develop a treatment plan. Once you and the team agree on a plan, you’ll talk to our front office to discuss finances and schedule you for your next appointment.


When we fill a cavity with the Solea Laser, we won’t need to drill nor give you a numbing shot. The laser performs differently from most lasers used in dentistry. It allows for more precision when treating soft tissue, resulting in a better post-op experience and faster healing.


After your procedure is complete, you can go right out to lunch or back to work- without any annoying side effects! You’ll feel ready to take on your day.

Time to Love Your Smile
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