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Is Laser Dentistry Covered By Insurance? It Depends!

Dental office worker on computer checking on insurance coverage.

You’ve heard good things about laser dentistry and want to try it.

But, you don’t know if your insurance covers laser dentistry and you don’t want to be stuck with a huge dental bill!

The good news:

Laser dentistry is covered by insurance.

However, another factor can affect whether or not your insurance covers your treatment.

In this blog, you’ll:

  • Understand what laser dentistry is and what it can do for you
  • Hear some first-hand experiences of patients who have used laser dentistry (video)
  • Learn when dental insurance will or won’t cover laser dentistry
  • See why you should choose our dental practice for your laser treatment

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry has successfully been in use for decades. But recent advancements in technology have put lasers in the spotlight as the next wave in forward-looking dentistry.

The word laser means “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” In other words, a laser uses concentrated light energy to do its job.

At Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry, we use advanced and powerful Solea and Gemini lasers to perform everything from common to complex procedures, such as:

  • Removing tooth decay
  • Placing fillings
  • Treating periodontal disease
  • Gum contouring
  • Treating canker sores
  • Exposing wisdom teeth

Laser dentistry makes it possible to have these treatments with no shots and no drilling.


Listen to what patients like you have to say about their treatment with the Solea laser.

The thought of having to deal with dental needles and drills keeps many people from getting the dental care they need. However, laser dentistry is gentle, painless, and quicker than traditional methods.

Alright, so laser dentistry is fabulous.

Will your insurance cover it?

Lasers and insurance

As we mentioned earlier: Laser dentistry is covered by insurance.

That’s because dental insurance works by covering specific dental procedures regardless of how the treatment is done!

In other words, it’s by procedure, not technique. Your dental company covers you for treatments, such as fillings or periodontal treatment, whether a laser or some other means is used to do these.

So, is laser dentistry covered by your dental insurance?

It will depend on what procedures your dental insurance plan covers.

How do you know about your dental coverage?

Our administrative team is trained to work closely with you and your insurance company to make sure you are getting the full advantage of your dental coverage. We accept most PPO insurances, including:

We also accept CareCredit… This text opens a new tab to the Care Credit website… and offer our patients without insurance the benefit of our in-house insurance plan. There are plans available for both individuals and families.

Click here to learn more about payment and insurance information.

Why choose our Federal Way dentist for laser dentistry?

We are one of the only dental offices in the Federal Way, Des Moines, SeaTac, Auburn, Kent, Edgewood, and Browns Point areas to offer this type of laser treatment!

Why does Dr. Jonathan Einowski offer treatment with lasers that other dentists don’t?

Two reasons:

  1. Equipment and training for something like the Solea Laser is very a significant investment in time and money that many dentists aren’t able to make.
  2. We are committed to offering our patients the latest in dental services and technology that provide faster, more effective, and more comfortable treatment.

At Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry, we are proud to offer our patients the best treatment that modern dentistry has to offer.

Are you interested in experiencing painless, quick, and comfortable dentistry? Then, contact us today to talk about laser dentistry.

Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry is located in Federal Way, WA… This text opens a new tab to our Google listing… and proudly serves surrounding communities, including SeaTac, Des Moines, Auburn, Kent, Edgewood, and Browns Point.

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