Do Cavity Fillings Hurt?

Girl sitting in a dental chair afraid of getting a metal filling

Do you need to get a filling?

You probably have several thoughts going through your head, like:

Does it hurt to get a filling for your cavity?

In this blog, you’ll find that answer and much more.

Let’s get started!

Does getting a filling hurt?

With traditional metal fillings, your dentist in Federal Way, WA will use a local anesthetic to numb the area.

Minimal to no discomfort is to be expected. Most patients feel slight pressure during the procedure.

But if you don’t like the thought of being numb, you should know you’re not alone.

One of the most common phobias dental patients have is fear of local anesthetic injections… This text opens a new tab to the NCBI website….

Luckily, there are new technologies and techniques used in the dental world that make treatment more efficient and comfortable to undergo treatment.

Two of the most innovative inventions include:

What are metal-free fillings?

These fillings are made of composite resin that matches your natural tooth color.

Metal-free fillings have exploded into popularity because they:

  • Look more natural than traditional metal fillings
  • Preserve more of your healthy tooth structure

Saving as much natural tooth structure as possible will increase your smile’s longevity. You can’t beat natural tooth enamel and dentin!

Because your dentist won’t have to remove as much of your tooth structure, you’ll experience less discomfort.


Anesthesia and drilling aren’t required with metal-free fillings.

Instead, some dentists offer laser-assisted dentistry.

What is laser-assisted dentistry?

Laser dentistry involves using a special laser to complete your procedure. This method is far less invasive than the traditional way.

At Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry, we use the Solea laser, which is one of the most advanced dental lasers available. It’s essentially the iPhone of dentistry!

The Solea laser… This text opens a new tab to the Solea website… will painlessly remove the decayed portion of the tooth with an intense beam of light energy.

It’ll cool your tooth with a steady mist of water, which eliminates the need for anesthesia.

In fact, 95% of our fillings are done without a shot.

During the procedure, you may feel the mist spraying the affected tooth and surrounding area.

But most patients state that they can’t tell when they are being worked on.

Additionally, the Solea laser allows for:

  • Shorter healing time
  • Better precision control
  • Better post-op experience (no soreness or lingering numbness)

Is laser dentistry safe?


Laser dentistry was deemed safe for public usage by the FDA… This text opens a new tab to the FDA website… over 30 years ago.

Since 1990, many dental practices have incorporated laser-assisted dentistry into various everyday procedures.

Have more questions about laser dentistry or metal-free fillings?

Our team at Federal Way General & Laser Dentistry would be happy to speak with you!

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Dr. Jonathon Einowski is pleased to offer both laser dentistry and metal-free fillings at our Federal Way dental office.

He uses the latest techniques to provide you with the most comfortable experience and the best results.

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